Three Pools

Three Pools is a day-camping resort 1.1km from our main resort (The Willows), that offers three swimming pools to make use of, the adults pool, 1m – 1.5 meter (only capable swimmers), kids pool, 300mm – 600mm (adult supervision required) and baby swimming pool, 300mm – 500mm (adult supervision required).

The venues on offer that can be booked is the Lapa, Afdak & Kraal. There is an entry fee involved. If you do not wish to book a venue, normal entry fee can be paid and you can braai at any of our designated braai spots.

You can enquire at our offices when the resort is open on 041 396 2000.


rates 2024

Entry Fee

when booking a venue, you are still required to pay an entry fee

How to Book


  1. You would have to contact us directly for a booking.
  2. Complete the application form and forwarded it to us.
  3. Email the form to
  4. Only after we have received your application form, we can make the booking for you.
  5. Your booking is only confirmed after you have received a confirmation form from us.
  6. Once you have received your confirmation, you are required to pay the venue fee within 48 hours to secure the booking.
  7. First come, first served.
  8. We will not be held responsible in the case that there was availability, but by the time that your application was received, there was no availability.